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The Archeodrome of Poggibonsi

The Poggibonsi Archeodrome project, financed by Arcus Spa, is promoted by the Senesi Museums Foundation and the Municipality of Poggibonsi and was carried out by the Teaching of Christian and Medieval Archeology active at the Department of Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage of the University of Siena Studies with Arké Archeology Experimental and Archeotipo srl.

The Archeodrome concept

The Archeodromo idea was born to reproduce in 1: 1 scale one of the most important discoveries on the hill of Poggio Imperiale, the Frankish period village (9th – mid-10th century) in which the conformation of a possible Curtense company with a manor house is recognized consisting of a large hut (longhouse) measuring 17 x 8.5 meters, surrounded by several smaller structures intended for craft activities and the storage of food and agricultural products, as well as service buildings.

The first construction step was inaugurated in October 2014 and the second in January 2016. The Poggibonsi Archeodrome is a project that pursues the reconstruction in progress of the 17 structures found in the excavation of the deposits relating to the village of the Carolingian period. To date, the longhouse (large house of the main family), a peasant hut with a farmyard and chicken coop, the blacksmith’s forge, a bread oven, two haystacks and a vegetable garden have been built; to these are added some temporary sheds for artisan activities but destined in the near future to be replaced by other structures.
Over the next few years, the archeodrome will therefore be expanded with the reconstruction of many other huts, from the butcher’s shop, the granary, the employees’ huts, the ceramic kiln and all the other ancillary structures for economic activities focused on the agricultural exploitation of the surrounding land. and on breeding.

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