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Taste Siena

The tour combines tasting of local products and a guided visit to the city.

After tasting at the Consorzio Agrario typical products and wine, produced by local farmers, you will visit the city to know its history, anectdotes and secrets.
This tour puts culture and gusto together. Visiting Siena means not only knowing its palaces, churhes and monuments, but also getting in touch with its culinary tradition that is strongly connected with its customs and traditions and with its wonderful countryside.

The tasting price is € 10 per person, plus the fee for the guide, who will stay with you during the tasting and the city tour.

Tasting and tour are available from Monday to Saturday by reservation.
The tour is suitable for individual tourists or groups.
Free for children under 12.
Minimum participants: 6 people.
Maximum participants: 25 people.
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