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Crete Senesi


An itinerary to learn about the history of Siena and Tuscany starting from one of its most characteristic villages: in our guided tour you will discover how the “graceful Ascianese” were one of the most faithful allies of Siena in the Middle Ages, from the battle of Montaperti to commerce of Portuguese wools.
We will visit the Collegiata di Sant’Agata and the Palazzo del Podestà, the churches of San Francesco and Sant’Agostino. We will stop in Piazza del Grano to contemplate the travertine fountain by Antonio Ghini.
Through the remains of an enormous and ancient mosaic we will rediscover the Roman past of the city and we will conclude with a walk in Corso Matteotti where we will be able to taste some typical local products like the artisan Panpepato Giardi and the Vinpepato.

Asciano, Museo Cassioli and Palazzo Corboli (maximum duration 3 + 3)
The Cassioli Museum is the only museum in the province entirely dedicated to nineteenth-century Sienese painting. Palazzo Corboli is a thirteenth-century residence used as the seat of the Archaeological and Sacred Art Civic Museum and among its many works, it includes a wooden Crucifix by Giovanni Pisano, a Madonna with Child by Segna di Bonaventura, the extraordinary triptych by Ambrogio Lorenzetti and many others works to be discovered.

Asciano, Museo Cassioli and Palazzo Corboli (maximum duration 3 + 3)
Asciano, San Giovanni d’Asso and the Truffle Museum (maximum duration 3 + 3)
It is possible to combine the guided tour of Asciano with a historical and gastronomic itinerary in nearby San Giovanni d’Asso. We will discover together the wonders of this characteristic village gathered around the homonymous castle, from the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista to the Church of San Pietro Villore, from the elegant castle to the Church of Misericordia.
After visiting the town and discovering its wonders, we will taste the most famous local product, the truffle, to which San Giovanni d’Asso has dedicated the first existing Museum * in Italy.

* Entrance to the Truffle Museum is not included in the price of the visit.


A visit to discover one of the most important monasteries in Tuscany, famous throughout the world for its charm and the priceless works of art that it holds.
In our itinerary we will discover all the secrets of the monastic complex starting with the splendid Abbey Church of the Nativity of Mary of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. The church offers a harmonious contrast between the façade in Gothic architectural style, and the late Baroque interior.
The Great Cloister preserves the wonderful Renaissance frescoes by Signorelli and Sodoma that tell the life of San Benedetto. During the itinerary we will also explore other areas of the monastery: the majestic monastic Library, the Pharmacy and the Chapter Room. Our guided tour will end in the store of the Olivetan monks, who still produce delicious liqueurs based on aromatic herbs, according to the rule “Ora et Labora”.
The itinerary continues to Buonconvento, a small village still enclosed within the medieval walls and renowned for its Art Nouveau decorations, quite unusual in the Tuscan landscape. Its historic center, still perfectly preserved, will leave an indelible memory in the hearts of all visitors. Places to visit include the Museo della Mezzadria and the Museum of Sacred Art of the Val d’Arbia.


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