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Castello di Belcaro vicino Siena

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The castle is open to the public on the first Monday of each month, we always recommend calling to avoid surprises at +39 0577 248111

Siena – Castello di Belcaro In 1525 the banker Crescenzo Turamini, commissioned the architect Peruzzi to build his villa on the ruins of the Castle, which certainly also includes some frescoes inside the villa. In 1554 the castle-villa was conquered by Cosimo dei Medici, was thus restored to its original function as a fortress. During the 1800s, it passed into the hands of the Camaiori family and had it restored in a Neo-Renaissance style by the architect Serafino Belli.

In the second half of the nineteenth century it underwent another restoration, on the entrance porch and on the city walls, this time by Giuseppe Partini. Currently the complex is divided into three open spaces: the garden and the two courtyards; a first entrance, takes place through a single large opening that leads into the first triangular courtyard, then follows a second lowered arch opening that leads into the inner courtyard, with the villa on the left and the service rooms on the right. The villa is rectangular in shape, divided over three floors: the ground floor has various types of doors, both arched and architraved. The garden remains separated from the courtyard by an architectural brick backdrop with a niche with a circular well in the center and two marble portals closed by wrought iron gates at the sides. The trapezoidal garden includes the chapel and an arcaded arcade with frescoes, while the secret garden designed by Peruzzi is separated by a vegetable garden.

Directions to Castello di Belcaro

To reach the Castello di Belcaro from any direction you arrive in Siena. From the SS 674 exit at Siena Ovest and from here take the SS73. After a few kilometers, at the sign for the Castello di Belcaro, turn right onto the Strada degli Apostoli and then, again at the sign, left onto Strada di Terrensano and Belcaro until you reach the castle itself. Please for visit call +39 0577 394237


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